Historical Growth of  the Population, Tanauan City, 2007

Source: National Statistics Office

The census population for the City of Tanauan in year 2007 was 142,537 reflecting a 17.54% increase from the 2000 census at an annual growth rate of 2.69 percent. This population of Tanauan constitutes 6.35 percent of the total population of Batangas Province. Table ___shows the population and the corresponding increases/decreases for the various intercensal censuses from 1903 to 2007.



Source:  National Statistics Office

The above table displays the historical growth of population in Tanauan City per barangay.  It could be seen from the table that Barangay Darasa had the highest population of 13,962.  It almost doubled its population from year 1995 (7,010) to 2007 (13,962).   In 2007, Barangay Balele ranked second with a total population of 6,977 followed by Barangay Ambulong, 5,927.

In contrast, Barangay Santol was recorded to have the smallest population which is 441 or 0.31% share in the city’s total population.

Projected Population of the City of Tanauan,2010